Wombats For Sale

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Wombats For Sale

Wombats For Sale

Due to the wombats aggressiveness and wildness, one cannot find a wombat for sale in pet shops. Because even if they appear cute they can easily get startled. They can be very aggressive. Because of the wombat’s shy behavior, it takes time before one can coax them, so they’ll be able to pet them.

But there are reports that some locals are able to domesticate wombats and keep them as pets. But it is highly inadvisable, since you can’t predict when a wombat will get startled and as a result it just suddenly attacks. And also animal authorities strongly discouraged keeping wombats as pets. The authorities don’t allow anyone to hunt them and sell them in pet shops/stores. But there are this so-called “black markets” that smuggle them and sell the wombats to some animal collector or people who kill them for their fur in some parts of the world. This is illegal. Anyone caught will be reprimanded and will face serious punishment by the law.

Wombat For Sale

The only legal wombats that are for sale are the ones being sold in the souvenir shops or gift shops. Like stuffed artificial/toy wombats and other kinds of wombat souvenirs. It’s not best for a living wombat to be captured and keep as a pet. Because wombats are naturally wild, and nocturnal their instincts won’t stop until they escape to the wild. Because it’s their natural habitat. That’s why there are no real wombats for sale, anywhere.

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