Wombat Story 1 – Bradly the Different Wombat

Wombat Story 1 – Bradly the Different Wombat

Bradly: The “Different” Wombat

There was once a warren, where Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats lived. Among these wombats lived a mother and a young little wombat. A young boy named, Bradly.

Bradly lives with his mother and is currently being weaned by his mom. They live contentedly in the warren, doing their daily stuff together. Enjoying their simple wombat lives, together. Bradly, is a fun, young and a loving wombat specially to his mom.

In the meanwhile, there are a group of men- Animal fur hunters and they are in search of wombats. The wombats living in the warren did not have any idea that they’re being watched and observed by these hunters, all day long. And now, that they’ve observed enough they are ready to attack the warren.

One tragic morning, while all the wombats are sleeping, the hunters attacked the warren. Using equipment to help them dig the burrows. They got every single wombat, except for the one little wombat, Bradly.

Bradly was able to escape and hide in some bushes nearby. He have witnessed the capture of his mother and the rest of the other wombats.

Bradly is alone amd he asked his self, “Where I will go now?”, “What should I do?” He cried and whimper, thinking very much about his mother. Bradly stopped crying and decided to follow the tire tracks that the hunters left. But it was too late, the wind already blew away most of the tire tracks and are already unrecognizable.

The young wombat, walked and walked searching for places where he can find someone to help him. But with all the walking, Bradly became tired and fell asleep under a tree.

Night falls, and Bradly was awaken by loud rustling sounds. He woke up and saw a wombat- a common wombat eating on some grass patch. He hurriedly walked towards the wombat and quickly introduced his self, “Hello, I’m Bradly. I’m kind of lost, I just lost my mom this morning. Can you help me?”, the common wombat answered, “Sorry, I don’t talk to someone who’s not my kind” and left poor Bradly. But Bradly was not shaken, instead he followed the common wombat, who walked back to his warren.

Bradly watched the wombat from some bushes nearby. He feels very helpless and is longing for someone to be with, like a mother. He watched them very closely and something caught his eye. A weeping wombat. A mother wombat. Bradly’s eyes sparkled. Bradly, went back to the grass patch where he met the common wombat. He realized that he was so hungry and ate and ate away. He was planning to go back to the warren where he saw the mother common wombat.

While chomping some grass away, Bradly was startled when he turned around he was surprised to see that the mother common wombat was also on the grass patch. The mother wombat gently asked Bradly, “Hi, there! What are you doing here alone?”. Bradly answered the mother wombat, “I lost my mom and the rest of wombats who live in the same warren where my mom and I live. The hunters took all of them.”
Bradly can’t help but cry again. He told the mother wombat, that he’s scared and don’t know what to do.
The mother wombat said, “By the way my name is Lisa, and I am here to help you if you want. You can stay with me for the meantime, together we will continue your training.”
And Bradly answered, “Really? You’d do that for me?”. Lisa answered, “Yes, I will. My daughter just recently left and is just starting to live on her own and I do admit I miss her. It’ll be really nice to have you around.”

Bradly: Than you very much, Lisa. I’m looking forward to my training. But I’m afraid, the wombats from your warren won’t like me and won’t allow me to live with you.

Lisa: Don’t be foolish my dear. I’ll take care of you and won’t let anything like that happen.

Bradly: I’ve seen a young wombat here too, and I’ve asked for some help but he told me that he won’t help anyone who’s not the same kind as he is.

Lisa: Pay no attention to that young common wombat. Come on! If you’re ready and had enough grass, let’s go back to my burrow and I’ll introduce you the rest of the warren dwellers.

Bradly, excitedly followed Lisa towards the warren. And once they’ve arrived, wombats came out of their burrows to examine the unwanted guest. Wombats of all ages, started to murmer about different things about Bradly. And Lisa noticed that Bradly is close to crying again. So Lisa said, “Stop, my fellow wombats. I have here on my side, Bradly a wombat like us. He just recently lost his mom and their warren is devastated and have nowhere to go to.”

A group of wombats said, “But why do you have to take him in? He is not like us.”

Lisa: Yes, he may be different than us. But as wombat to a wombat a very big part of me wants to help him. And as a mother, I feel sad for him. And now, if you don’t like him, just leave the 2 of us alone and we’ll get out of your way.

Lisa showed Bradly the way to her burrow. And the 2 of them slept soundly till the night comes. Bradly woke up and was looking for Lisa.

Bradly: Lisa? Lisa?

Bradly went out of their burrow and searched for Lisa outside. And he saw the young wombat he have came acrossed the grass patch the other day, and his name is Spike.

Bradly: Lisa? Lisa?

Spike: Will you stop making noise?

Bradly: Oh, I’m sorry if I was too loud. I was just wondering if you’ve seen Lisa.

Spike: Well, I did see her. And she went that way.

Bradly: Thank you, Spike.

Spike left and so did Bradly. Bradly went straight to the grass patch to look for Lisa. And there he found Lisa, sniffing around some roots.

Bradly: Lisa! I was looking for you. I woke up and you were not there.

Lisa: I’m sorry, my young one. I was waiting for you to wake up but since you are very tired and still sleeping. I’ve decided to go out and go here.

Bradly: I’ve asked Spike, if he saw you and he told me that you went this way. What we’ll we do tonight?

Lisa: First, we have to eat first and then I’ll tell you what’ll we do.

So the two different wombats ate until they’re stuffed.

Lisa: First thing on our agenda for tonight is a dust bath. You’re quite dirty Bradly. I’ll teach you how to do it.

Bradly: Yes, I kind of stink already.

The mother wombat showed the young Southern Hairy-nosed wombat how to do it. After that they continue on how to dig a complete burrow and once they’re finished with all the wombat stuff they’ve lay around in the dirt and scratched each other.

Bradly: Lisa, thank you. Thank you, for taking me in.

Lisa: You are welcome, my little one. I’m more than happy to do it for you.

Bradly: Do you think it’s bad that I’m from a different kind?

Lisa: Bradly, it’s not bad. Each and every one of us is created differently and we all have our special traits in us. Just like what you are. You are special my little one.

Bradly: Do you think I’ll see my mom again?

Lisa: That I can’t tell. But as long as you hold on that special memory that you have of your mom, she’ll always be with you.

Bradly, smiled and hugged Lisa. Now, the 2 wombats walked in their burrow to rest.

Months went by as Bradly grows up and continues living his wombat life with Lisa and the rest of the common wombats. The common wombats are becoming less and less hostile towards the young Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat.

Bradly moved out of Lisa’s burrow because he’s already old enough to live on his own. But one day, he and Lisa had a talk.

Lisa: My little one, I have some news for you.

Bradly: Lisa! I’m not a little one anymore.

Lisa: Yes, I know that for a fact. But for me, you’ll always be my little one.

Bradly: Thanks, Lisa. What’s the news that you have for me?

Lisa: Oh, yes. I’m expecting another baby anytime soon, my little one.

Bradly: That is great news Lisa. I’m very happy.

Bradly left and ate alone in their favorite grass patch and done some thinking. I’m old enough to live on my own. I want to go and search for wombats of my kind. And maybe meet someone special. I know, everyone here accepts me, but inside of me I still feel incomplete. I guess, I have to go out on my own. With a heavy feeling inside his chest, Bradly went back to his burrow to sleep.

The next night, Bradly looked for Lisa to tell her about his plans.

Bradly: Lisa, I’m leaving tonight.

Lisa: Where to, my little one?

Bradly: I will search for a place where I can find wombats of my kind.

Lisa: But you are already welcomed here.

Bradly: I know, but I want to find out where I came from, I want to find that certain special one and really live on my own.

Lisa: Well, my little one go ahead. Go out and see the world. I’m happy that you have grown up to be a nice and responsible wombat. But always remember that you are always welcome to go back here.

Bradly: Thank you Lisa. Thanks for everything, I won’t ever forget you and all the things you’ve taught me.

Lisa: You will always be here in my heart. Now, you take care my little one.

Bradly, said goodbye to the rest of the common wombats. And went on his way. Bradly’s journey went on for weeks and for months. Until one day he have reached a warren that the thought was deserted. But was surprised when he saw a wombat that looks exactly like him coming out of a burrow. He was welcomed in no time, and immediately started his new life with the wombats of his kind.

Bradly, felt very happy. He looked up to the heavens and thought about his mom, Lisa and his adventures. Bradly said to his self: “I’m finally home, and can’t be more happy.”

Bradly, lived and still living his days happily and peacefully and he did met that someone special. The one that his heart longs for.