Wombat Characteristics

Wombat Characteristics

Different Characteristics of Wombats
The Giant Wombat
The giant wombat is the biggest marsupial animal. These animals are also known as Australian Megafauna.
Australian megafaunas cannot be found now. But some are still living. Among these are- Kangaroo, Wombat, and Dingo etc.
The giant wombats are 10feet long and have a weight about 2786kg. Due to their physical appearance they looked like a rhinoceros. The giant wombats were discovered in the early 1830 in New South Wales.

Wombat Sound
Common wombats are able to deliver several types of sounds. The hairy nosed wombats can also make many sounds but not as much as their common counterparts.
During the mating season, the wombats are more vocal. The make a hissing sound to show anger.
Wombats can also make a grunting noise or a clicking noise. They can also make a rumbling noise to show anger.
The child wombats interact with their mother with a sort of hissing sound. Wombats can even make a snoring sound while sleeping.

Sleeping Wombat
Wombats generally sleep on their back, with the feet upward. The perfectly get fitted in their place of shelter, usually a hole.
Wombats also sleep in a curled up position. Wombats sleep in this position to keep them warm. Wombats even snore during sleep like human beings.
Wombats are the main source of attractions in the zoo in Australia. These furry animals are very cute in their appearance.
Wombats have short legs and a very small tail. The origin of wombats is mainly the forest and mountain areas of Australia.

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