The Wombat’s Fur

The Wombat’s Fur

The wombat’s fur is soft, silky, smooth and thick. The wombat’s fur has a large impact on the wombat’s cuteness or appearance. Its fur makes it look like it’s a stuffed toy. If a wombat stood still and motionless for a few seconds, one will really mistook it for a stuffed toy or a fake one.


There are different kinds of wombat fur colors. Brown, black, gray, sandy beige are the usual wombat fur colors. For some wombats they even have some mottled patterns. Making them having combination of colors in their furs, and that makes them extremely cuter.

Wombat fur is beautiful. Way back then, it was not yet illegal or prohibited to kill a wombat for its fur. There are some people who hunt wombats for their fur. And they sell them to designers or high-end clothing manufacturers. Wombat fur is expensive, because of its very high quality. They usually use wombat fur to make expensive coats, luxurious scarves or neck mufflers and ear muffs. But now, killing a wombat for its fur is strictly prohibited and illegal. There are legal actions to be taken if an individual is reported or been seen doing such a thing. This kind of action was taken to protect the wombat community from extinction.

The fur of wombats is essential for their survival. Because their fur helps them to control their body temperatures. Because they need to keep their selves warm. When it’s very cold, they might die. So there’s a reason why the wombat’s fur is thick and its not because it looks good on them.

There’s one disadvantage with the wombat’s fur. Wombats are usually grabbed by their predators or captors by it’s fur. That’s one disadvantage of the wombat’s fur.


Wombats only take simple measure on how to take care of their fur. When their furs get dampen by rain, dewdrops from bushes/grasses/small trees, or by small puddles made by rain, what they do is they take a dust bath. They roll around in dust covering every inch of their fur with dust. In that way, the damp fur will dry more quickly. Most people mistook it as the wombat is just lazing around the dirt, whenever they see a wombat taking a dust bath. Now, there’s the story behind the wombat’s fur, a simple in-depth look.