The Wombat – One of the Heaviest Mammals in the World

The Wombat – One of the Heaviest Mammals in the World

The Wombat’s Weight

Physically, wombats are very chubby actually they are fat. That’s why there’s some rumor that they use wombat fat to make butter. Which is not true at all.


Believe it or not, though wombats are not that tall, they’re one of the heaviest mammals in the world. That’s why wombats are husky, chubby and fat. They appear very husky too because of their thick fur.

An adult wombat’s weight is roughly equivalent to a man who’s 6’2″ in height. That’s how heavy they can get and they can still gain some more.

That’s why wombats are very strong animals. They are described and or also known as mini bulldozers. Because when they ram a human they can knock it unconscious. They do the same thing with fences. And that’s why farmers treat wombats as pests and nuisances. They have very powerful limbs, perfect for digging extensive burrows.

Female wombats appear to be fatter than male wombats. Because female wombats have an extra layer of fat in their body. This extra fat keep their selves warm which is ideal when a female wombat is pregnant.


An adult wombat’s weight ranges to 170 pounds and higher.