Wombat Secrets

The Secret Life of Mr. and Ms. Wombat

Do you know what a Wombat actually is? Well it is an Australian marsupial that lives in a burrow. They venture out only at night to gather their food which comprises of roots, shoots, herbs, etc. However Wombats do need to drink water and their metabolism rate is very slow, making them perfectly capable of surviving in arid conditions These are small, bear-like, furry animals that can grow up to a meter and weigh up to 40kilograms .Due to their weight they move slowly but if attacked by predators it can run at the speed of 40kmph.Although wild by nature Wombats can be bred in captivity and I shall tell you how exactly they mate.
Recent recorded observations about Wombat mating in captivity shows that their mating is actually a very physically demanding process where the male Wombat chases the female which dances around in circles making patterns of eight. The male would follow her closely and bite her on her rump after which she would slow down allowing the male to mount her. The male Wombat then grasps her from behind and rolls her over on her side and mounts her .After the prolonged period of mating the same process is repeated nearly about seven times. Planned Wombat mating is rare because of the difficulties associated with captive breeding like small size of enclosure, unsuitable diet and not having a suitable area for male to trap the female. Wombats have a relatively large-sized brain as compared to other marsupials and this combined with their strong instincts allow captive bred Wombats to be easily released into the wild. This characteristic combined with their nocturnal behavior and their habit of digging burrows makes them inappropriate as pets.