Wild Wombat

Wild Wombat

I have a wombat that has claimed territory in my yard. I live in a residential area in NOWRA South Coast XXXXX. It is growling at my family members and chargin at them when it feels in danger. I have made numerous phone calls to different local organisations but no one feels it is their responsibility to come pick up the wombat. I am at wits end and not sure what to do.

The Wombat Answers:

I’m so sad to hear that. Considering that you already contacted different local organizations. I’m going to forward your concerns. And will let you know, once they responded. I will give them details regarding the wombat that took territory in your yard.

But for the meantime, if the wombat is still there. Just try to stay away from it. They’re nocturnal and most likely they roam around during the night. They can be gentle too. But it’s better to stay away, we never know what can trigger it to attack. I understand though, your concerns and the inconvenience that the wombat have caused you and still causing you.

Once I hear from them, I will contact you right away.


To whom it may concern,

Hi I’m Toni XXXXXXX. I’m the owner of http://www.wombats.info/. A person sent me an e-mail. Apparently, a wombat took territory on his yard. And is now causing inconvenience for him and his family. The wombat is growling and charging him and his family whenever they go out in their yard. He already have contacted numerous local organizations that can be responsible in capturing the wombat and releasing it into the wild. But no one has helped him and took responsibility of the situation.

Now, I’m writing you this with the hopes that you can help him with the situation. He lives in the residential area of XXXXX. How I wish I can help him personally, but I live in XXXXXXX.

Kindly, let me know if you can help him or not.

Thank you

The Wombat’s Teeth

The Wombat’s Teeth

Wombats are Australian marsupials. This article is about the wombat’s teeth.


The wombat’s teeth is important to a wombat, like with every other animal with their teeth. A wombat’s daily diet is composed of roots, grasses, herbs, juicy stems and or sedges. At times, there are roots, stems and sedges that are very tough and fibrous. The wombat’s teeth is sharp enough to chew through all these.

Though a wombat’s teeth is sharp, there are just some situations or instances that they can help but lose a tooth or 2. But they don’t need to worry about that.

One unique and versatile characteristic of a wombat is that their teeth grow back if they lose any all throughout their lives. If a wombat accidentally lose a tooth, it’ll just grow back again. That’s why they are naturally inquisitive, they don’t need to worry if they lose or break a tooth. They can bite through any stuff and not worry if they’ll lose a tooth or not. Because they’ll just grow back, easily.

This characteristic really fits the wombat. Because with their lifestyle it’s very fitting. Since they have to chew through fibrous roots, stems and or sedges. They don’t have to be cautious with what they put in their mouths or about to chew.

A wombat’s incisor teeth is similar to a placental rodent. Their dental formula is over Their incisors are sharp and are primarily used to tear down the stuff that they put inside their mouths.

A wombat also uses it’s teeth to bite it’s attacker. And yes, the wombat’s teeth are indeed very strong and sharp. One reported incident of a wombat attack and the victim is a man. The wombat was able to bite through thick denim, woolen sock and a rubber boot and still succeeded in injuring the man with very deep punctured wounds.


That’s why, you should never under estimate the power and uniqueness of the wombat’s teeth.