Common Wombats

Common Wombats

Types of Wombats-Common wombats

The world has classified wombats into different species, among them; the two basic types of classifications of Wombats are Hairy – nosed wombats and common wombats. This article will increase your knowledge about common wombats.

Description About common Wombats:

Common wombats are known by various names like Coarse haired wombat, Forest wombat, Naked Nose Wombat etc. Common wombats are usually found in the southern regions of Australia and Tasmania where the temperature is cooler and the terrain is hilly and mountainous.

Common Wombats are:

35 to 45 inches in length.
About 14 inches in height.
Of 48 to 86 pounds. Their weight depends on how big or small wombat is.

Distinctive Features

Their heads are in a more rounded shape than the hairy-nosed wombats.
Their face is marked by a bare, shiny black nose with granular skin and small rounded and triangular shaped ears. They have coarse, thick and bristle-like fur.
Their fur is longer than other wombats which suit the colder and wetter climate in which they live.
They usually have sandy or yellowish color but their colour may also be brown or black, depending on the colour of the dirt they dig.
The population density of common wombats in favourable conditions ranges from 0.3 to 0.5 per hectare.
They may form colonies and visit each others tunnels. Being territorial, they have a feature to mark their home range and to reach there by smelling it. Common wombats are usually at risk because they are unprotected therefore steps should be taken to protect them.