Diary Of A Wombat – Part 3 Waldo The Adult Male Wombat

Diary Of A Wombat – Part 3 Waldo The Adult Male Wombat

Diary of an Adult Male Wombat

Everyday, in a wombat’s life seems like a routine. At least for most creature they think that our lives are lived like a routine. But for me, just like any other animal in this world we have our own routines, I think even humans have their own daily routine.


Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. I am Waldo, an adult male wombat. I am 7 years old, I think if my memory is correct I’ll turn 8 years old next month or the month after it. Before I get my head baffled, I’ll start with what I’m suppose to do here. If you check this site, every now and then you’ll notice that there are already 2 previous diaries in this site: Diary of a Mother Wombat and Diary of a Young Wombat. By writing my own diary, readers like you will be able to compare how we live our daily lives. By the way I’m a common wombat.

In my 7 years of being a wombat, I’ve had 4 offsprings. Unlike a mother, it’s not my responsibilty to wean our young, and pretty much I don’t have any relationship with the joey once it’s borned. But they’ll always be in my mind. And after that I’m back to being a bachelor again. Welcome to the animal world!

Here’s what I do in my everyday life. I’ll start in the morning.

As soon as the sun starts to shine, I go back to where my burrow is. Once inside my burrow, I look for a very comfortable spot. Ah, found it. Now I got to have some shut eye, so that I’ll have lots of energy for tonight.

I find it amazing at times, that I can sleep undisturbed because I’ve digged my burrow quite deep. Talk to you later, after I’ve dozed off. Zzzz zzz zzz.

A pleasant evening to all. That was a very nice sleep. I actually, woke up because my tummy is grumbling non-stop. I’ll stretched out my limbs first, once I go out of my burrow and I’ll be on my way to food hunting. It’s not really food hunting since I know pretty much where to get it.
Oh nice, starlight. That was a good stretch. Now I’m on my way to that favorite grass spot of mine.
Now, that I’m here, I’ll go chewing away eating grass and if I get lucky my tounge will be able to taste some nice sweet and juicy roots.

That was a nice late dinner.

Now, I have to do some little digging and work on making my burrow more comfortable, as if it’s not comfortable enough. Digging gives me a nice workout and it does wonder on my claws they get sharper somehow. Finished digging. Have to go outside and mingle a bit with the ladies.

But before I go mingling I have to make myself look good a bit. I’ll have a nice dust bath. To make my fur extra matte and dry. Wet fur can be such a turn off. Mingling with lady wombats is essential, since it’ll lead to us reproducing.

At this dirt patch near my burrow, I can see a pretty lady. Furry and fat, exactly my type. Now, let me go there and observe and later on introduce myself to the pretty lady. Once, we get to know each other we can get cozy and start biting and scratching each other. That’s what lovers do in our wombat world.

That was very nice. I met a nice wombat, her name is Wendy. A cute name just like her. We’ll see each other again tomorrow. On the same spot. I have a good feeling about it, I think this will lead to something special *wink*, I think you know what I’m talking about.

Now, all these food hunting, digging, scratching and biting made me tired. Need to get some shut eye again. Well, pretty much this is what I do everyday. But today or I must say tonight is an exception because I met a pretty lady, I met Wendy and it’s not like every night I get to meet one. So tomorrow, we’ll see each other again, after I’m finished with the usual wombat stuff that I do everyday.


Keep checking out this site, and I will tell you all about the progress with my blossoming relationship with Wendy. For now, I’ll go back in my burrow to sleep, I hope you had a good time reading this.