Diary Of A Wombat – Part 2 Woody The Young Wombat

Diary Of A Wombat – Part 2 Woody The Young Wombat

Diary of a Young Wombat

Hi! I’m a young male wombat and my name is Woody, I just turned one year and 5 months today. It’s kind of a big accomplishment for me, because I am now on my own. I’ve just separated myself from my mother. I think I know enough and I’ve trained enough to venture out on my own.
I know some people out there are curious on how I spend my days being out on my own and being a young male wombat. I’ll give you a sneak peek, on how I spend my days.


I live alone in my burrow. I’ve just moved to a different warren, and I’m already well adjusted. I’m pretty proud of myself for being a good digger, my mother taught me very well on how to dig a burrow, which is essential in our daily lives. It is an accomplishment on her part. I’ll tell her all about it once we see each other again.

And now, here’s how I spend my days. I start my day in the evenings so might as well start my diary when I woke up:

Rise and shine for me! Though pretty much there’s nothing too shiny except for the moon and stars but all in all it’s dark all over. Just the way I like it. My eyes, are kind of sensitive to too much sunlight and as you all know by now, I am nocturnal because I am a wombat. I am active at night and not so active during the day.
I have to go out of my cozy burrow and look for something to eat. Just thinking about my favorite grass and some tree roots is making my mouth water. Yum, yum! Pretty excited to feed my inquisitiveness and my tummy.
Once I’m out of my burrow, I go to my favorite grass spot, and munch away all the grass that I want. But still I keep in my mind, that I have to be a little conscious since my metabolism is slow, I don’t want to blow up.

Munch, munch, munch… Yum!

Now, from all that grass eating, my fur got all damp because all that dew from leaves and grasses have fallen on me. I’ll go back to where my burrow is, and will roll around on the dirt for a while, outside my burrow. This helps my fur to dry quickly, and plus it’s fun to do. I feel so comfortable rolling around the soft dirt, makes me want to nap. So, I might as well doze off.

Once, I woke up from my nap. I roam around, before I go back inside my burrow I check out other wombats near the warren where I’m staying. Though, we’re naturally shy animals we also do mingle at times. Trying to meet a potential mate, for the very near future.

I now wait for morning to come, so I can curl up and sleep inside my burrow. While waiting, I love scratching. I specially love scratching the part behind my ears, it’s comforting. Us, wombats love scratching that part.

Oh, I can feel that the sun is about to rise. Need to crawl back into my burrow.

I keep on yawning. Oh, I’m excited to sleep. I guess, it’s pretty much understandable since I’m a growing wombat. I need a good enough amount of sleep to help me grow into a full-grown adult wombat.

Making my way into my burrow now. Home sweet burrow! It’s so nice to curl up in your own burrow. I’m pretty proud of myself for digging it on my own. It’s so comfortable, since I’ve digged it to fit my growing body. I’m pretty pleased with myself, on how it turned out.

Now, before I go to sleep I’m planning what’ll be my day tomorrow or I must say, planning what’ll be night tomorrow. For now, I need to get some shut eye, so that I’ll have energy for tomorrow.


Keep on checking this section, and I’ll keep you updated on current events in my growing wombat life. This is Woody, and I greet you a very Wombie night! =’-‘=