Diary Of A Wombat – Part 1 Mother Wombat

Diary Of A Wombat – Part 1 Mother Wombat

Diary of a Mother Wombat

Hello there! I’m Willow, and I’m a mother wombat. I am a marsupial and like the Koala Bear I have a backwards-facing pouch. Which is so cool, because unlike a Koala Bear a backwards-facing pouch is beneficial to us. Because we are burrowing animals, we have to dig. And if our baby is inside the pouch it means that it won’t get dirt inside which is very nice. I am native of Australia.

Mother Wombat

I gave birth to a son, a baby wombat a month ago. And as a marsupial, I will train my son for a couple of months. And after that, he will go out on his own. I have a son, so it means that he will leave me sooner and go out on his own, unlike a daughter. Because a daughter leaves a mother Wombat much later than a son.

Here’s how my day starts…

Morning and Afternoon:
I am sleeping in my burrow together with my son. My son stays with me because he’s still undergoing training.
Maybe, people are wondering why we are sleeping in the morning. Well, we are nocturnal animals. Us wombats, are nocturnal. It means that we’re awake during the night and asleep during the day, like bats. I guess, the reason why we are nocturnals is because we have a weak sense of sight and that makes our eyes sensitive to daylight.
My son and I are sleeping to conserve energy, but one disadvantage to this, is that it slows our metabolism much more. We woke up around sunset or at times later.

There are times when I wake up a little early, and there’s still sunlight. What I do is I roll around the dirt or dust. When people get to see us doing that, they actually think that we’re just lazying around. But they’re wrong, we do that because we are actually cleaning ourselves. That process is actually called a “dust bath”. Us, wombats clean ourselves by rolling around dirt or dust. We do that because our furs’ kind of thick. When we go out at night at times we can’t avoid to get our furs damp so what we do the next day is roll around on dirt or dust so that the dampness will be absorbed away.

Evening to Midnight:
Ah, night at last. Time to wake up and look for food. It’s time for us to go out of our burrows to roam around and look for food. We mainly eat grass, because we are herbivores. I already stopped breastfeeding my son, so we eat grass together.
Sometimes. when we’re not able to look for grass, we eat tree roots or mosses. After looking for something to eat, we go back to out burrows. We work on our burrows by digging much further or at times interconnecting them with other wombats’ burrows. I teach my son how to dig a burrow.
Because burrowing is an essential part of a Wombat’s life. It helps us to be able to control our body temperature and since burrows are digged underground, it helps us a great deal to have a nice, deep sleep during the day. And because we have a slightly thick fur, a nice cool temperature is what we really like.

Once, I am finished digging a burrow and teaching my son how to dig. We go out and find some food again, if ever we get hungry. And while waiting for sleepy time again, we bite each other, because we love biting and also we love scratching, especially the part behind our ears and we make this sucking noises.

Sleepy time, at last. It’s time to go back in our burrows again to sleep. And tomorrow, we’ll do the same thing again. Not the exact same thing, because at times we decide to have a dust bath or do something else, like find a mate and actually mate.


Just constantly check this site, and I’ll keep you posted with something new that will come up in our Wombat World!

See you soon.

Willow the Mother Wombat


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