Can I keep a Wombat as a Pet?

Can I keep a Wombat as a Pet?

Wombats As Pets

It is not advisable for anyone to keep wombats as pets. Some people at oftentimes assume that wombats are good to be kept as pets. But the truth is, it is not a good idea.

Despite the wombat’s very cute physical appearance and gentle demeanor, they should not be mistaken to be kept as pets.

When you look at a wombat, you can’t help but desire to have one as a pet. Especially nowadays that not only the typical dog or cat are kept as pets but other sorts of animals too. That’s why people can’t help but think if they can buy or have one as a pet.

The reason why it’s not advisable to keep a wombat as a pet is because wombats tend to be more destructive as they’re growing up.

If you keep a wombat inside a house, wombats can easily chew, tear, scratch and destroy the furniture. They can also put deep scratchmarks on the walls with their sharp claws. And if a wombat is kept outside, it can escape and can easily dig it’s way out. It can easily break down fences and cause destruction in the garden or the yard.

Since some wombat specie are close to extinction, it’s much advisable and recommendable to make monetary donations to centers and rehabiliation programs dedicated to wombats to help, instead of keeping one as a pet.

Even if wombats are naturally wild, this does not rule out that wombats can not have any sort of contact with humans. In encountered cases of orphaned baby wombats, this is an exception. In cases like this special care is needed. And only people with expertise and knowledge in taking care of wild animals are allowed to handle and take care of orphaned wombats. Wombats need special care and a special diet. And only in these kinds of cases where in humans are allowed to take care of wombats.