Australian Wombats

Australian Wombats

Australian Wombat

As we all know by now, wombats all came from Australia or they are native of Australia. Particularly in the Victoria and Tasmania area. Wombats were often called badgers by early Australian settlers. They’re often mistaken to be badgers because of their close resemblance physically and their habits. For this reason, individual villages such as Badger Creek in Victoria and Badger Corner in Tasmania were actually named after the wombat. But since they often mistook wombats to be badgers, that’s why they are named after the badger instead but still their real intentions are to name this villages after the wombat.

There’s a town in New South Wales called Wombat, which is obviously named after the marsupial. The Asteroid 6827 Wombat- a soccer team in Brisbane and L6 W.O.M.B.A.T., a British anti-tank rifle are all named after the Wombat animal. That’s how amazing wombats are, that they used them to name things with.

Australian Wombats, can be tamed in a captive situation and can even be persuaded into being petted, touched or held and there’s a possibility that they can become quite friendly but one wrong move can easily startle these creatures and attack you in an instant.

There are many zoos, wildlife parks and tourists destinations across Australia that have Wombats available on public display or are available for the public and they’re quite popular. However, wombats lack fear. It means that they may display acts of aggression when they are provoked or if they are simply in a bad mood. It’s weight makes a charging wombat capable of knocking down an adult. Like how a football player tackle it’s opponent. Their very sharp teeth and powerful jaws can result in severe to critically serious wounds.

Australian Wombats

According to records, there is one reported incident of a wombat attack. The victim’s name is Harry Frauca, a naturalist. He received a 2cm deep bite into his leg, the bite is made through a rubber boot, pants and thick wool socks.

That’s how fierce a wombat can get. They may appear cute and unharmful, but when disturbed, startled and removed from their natural habitat or surroundings, they be violent. But not all the time, though. There are several animal shows, that features a wombat-human companionship. It shows that if a wombat is trained or is used to being around humans it can be a gentle and a loyal pet.